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Mino Mob NFT


** every entry counts as a raffle ticket to win Mino Mob NFTs **

About Mino Mob

Mino Mob is a lore based NFT collection of 4444 badass 3D Minotaurs forged on the vechain blockchain.

Their home is the planet of Olympus, a futuristic fantasy world with deep roots in Greek mythology and legend.

Gangs of Minotaurs called “Mobs” explore the underground caves and tunnels of Olympus affectionately known as the Labyrinth.

They are in search of the magical Elysium crystals that can be crushed down to create a powerful Mutant Elixir. This elixir twists and contorts their bodies creating MINO MOB MUTANTS our new and exciting NFT Collection with all the same benefits and utility of our OG Minos and some extra surprises along the way too!

The Mutant Minos believe drinking the Mutant Elixir will bring them enlightenment and one step closer to the Gods of Olympus.

Pure Bloods are the group of Minos that refuse to drink the mutant elixir and believe ultimate power comes from being untainted and true. 

Which side will you choose?

  • 4444 OG Mino Mob NFTs
  • Mint Price 700 $VET

Unbeknownst to the Minotaurs all the noise and disruption of mining for crystals has awoken something deep beneath the Labyrinth and they are not happy!! 

The Elders

This collection will be 4444 NFTS and has been completely community designed from initial concept and ideas down to the individual traits.

Half the collection will be airdropped to OG Mino Mob Holders at a 2:1 rate and the rest will be minted (DATE TBC) 

For every Elder you mint you will receive a FREE Cybernetic Chest NFT.

Cybernetic Chests contain a futuristic upgrade that can be added to your Elder to prepare them for: THE BATTLE OF OLYMPUS




Paolo De Tuiter is a multimedia artist based in Havana and is Mino Mob’s 3D artist who has created the Mino Mob Mutant collection and will be bringing The Elders to you soon!

The level of detail and realism in Paolo’s work is unlike anything else here on vechain and what we feel helps make Mino Mob such a unique and exciting NFT project.


Imzi truly is a VeFam Legend so rightly so we had to ask him to become the Mino Mob Legendary Artist.

We feel Imzi has helped bring the Story of Mino Mob to life and created another dimension to our project. The Hall of Legends is the perfect showcase for Imzi’s art and you will see more of his work throughout the collections.


Robb Nickels is a veteran Hip Hop Artist/Producer from Detroit. Over the years, he has had many professional releases, and is one of rap music’s first artists. 

Robb Nickels is a master craftsman and was the obvious choice to help Mino Mob create our music NFT Anthem.

Pass Me that Elixir Dutchie!!

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