Elixir White Paper

Mino Mob Mutant Elixirs

A big part of the Mino Mob story and our project mechanics are “Mutant Elixirs”

This magical serum is made from crushing down Elysium Crystals, which are found deep within the mines of Theseus. A dangerous and hostile place know Locally as The Labyrinth!

Mutant Elixirs are a separate collection of 2222 animated NFTs and have three different strengths / ranks.

Rare (Blue) Super Rare (Green) and the Legendary (Purple)

The Legendary Elixir

Only 100 of these very special elixirs excist and we have always said people should consider these as our Golden Tickets / VIP 😎

Unlike the other elixirs The Legendary can be used on ALL Mino Mob collections.

This includes OG Minos, Multiverse, Mutants and The Elders! 

Legendary Elixirs are used in batches and we have a separate channel in our discord for this process.

Using a Legendary Elixir with OG Mino

The OG Mino and the Legendary Elixir will be burnt and in replace you will receive a new Custom Legendary Art Piece by IMZi.

You can help in the design process by suggesting a pose / background and coming up with a new Title for the NFT

The new artwork will replace the old NFT and your Mino will earn a place in The Hall of Legends.

Vechain Wallet Connect Features Coming soon!!